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Rackspace’s President Taylor Rhodes on the Price Wars and Future of Cloud

By Robert Scoble on June 05, 2014

As the price wars of cloud storage continues, why would anyone pay more particularly for Rackspace? Taylor Rhodes, president of Rackspace, explains that the total cost of ownership (TOC) has a lot to do with choosing the correct cloud service for you.

Paying for cloud is just one aspect of the total cost as it doesn’t include infrastructure, software, and the support to maintain. It all depends on how a company is willing to allocate its time and energy. Rackspace’s pricing model continues to give more transparency to its customers on what exactly it includes, such as its Fanatical Support.

If there’s one misperception of Rackspace that Taylor would like to correct is that Rackspace isn’t just a web hosting company. Rackspace got into Cloud early and employs some of the smartest people for Cloud, including those who built OpenStack with NASA.

With over 200,000 customers who love us, Rackspace continues to demonstrate that it can help with Cloud solutions with the right products and the right people.


Robert Scoble

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